Sustainable development

Aluminum is the third most common element of which form the earth’s crust (after oxygen and silicon) element. But which is an abundant raw material does not mean it is not important recycling and recovery. The high durability of aluminum and the ability to be 100% recyclable endless times without loss of quality have cemented its reputation as the ecological metal.

Strong Forms formwork systems are manufactured 100% in aluminum and ready to be used over a thousand times and then recycled in conventional industrial processes in 100% aluminum, providing great advantages over conventional wooden formwork which are a waste of natural resources, and quickly lose quality and dimensional integrity with only a few uses. His remarkable endurance and antioxidation characteristics and low maintenance make it the definitive construction material for an industry that is constantly looking for lighter, resistant, durable and environmentally friendly alternatives.


Currently 75% of products made of aluminum are in use; we can use aluminum over and over again for the same purpose. And continuously and this leads to a reserve or supply of aluminum in use for future recycling and new applications, and more when aluminum does not lose any features in any part of the recycling process, as happens with other materials.

Additionally, recycling requires only 5% of the original energy input, which saves 9 tons of CO2 emissions. The recycling of aluminum scrap currently saves approximately 80 million tons of emissions of greenhouse gases each year. This is equivalent to removing 15 million cars from the roads around the world.

In Strong Forms constantly we are researching innovative ways to improve the recycling of our products, and involve all our partners to ensure that our formwork systems are recycled into new ones.