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About Us

We are a company dedicated to the manufacture of aluminum formwork, with a high component of research, development and innovation, in order to offer our customers the best products, always accompanied by a high quality services. Young Company and entrepreneurial spirit with outstanding vocation to the challenges.

“Where there is a successful business, someone once made a brave decision.” (Peter Drucker)

Our greatest asset is the human, forming a dynamic, efficient and competitive team in constant training in techniques and technologies applied who wear our products that innovation is so appreciated by customers, in particular our R + D + i in constant process research into new products, improvements to existing, and tools to increase productivity in end use systems, not to mention the constant improvement of processes and equipment for the automation of our manufacturing.

Our international focus has led us to be present in many countries on different continents, without forgetting our domestic market.

We think business, not just operations, because we understand that a business is one approach in which all parts win, supplier, customer and end user, so we adopted the slogan as their own TRUST BASED MANAGEMENT clearly identifies and defines us.

Our Core Values

In Strong Forms have extensive experience and knowledge that we apply in manufacturing of our formwork systems. From raw materials, aluminum, with extensive knowledge in the design of own molds which results in the ultimate effectiveness of the profiles, through design own machinery for the manufacture of the plates, using the latest robotic technology for welding aluminum, integrated into automated welding tables that provide the highest precision and quality in the final product, to the conception of of our formwork systems and tools that help increase productivity in its final use, assembly and formwork stripping.

Our design teams, engineering and manufacturing work in harmony and uniting efforts and ideas to the constant improvement of the processes applied in our company, thus achieving the availability of unique machines in its constitution making our production process very agile, efficient and accurate. Moreover, we are in constant evolution of systems, both in its own utility and alternatives for reuse of the same projects that is required to modify the height or size of the dwelling.

All our knowledge and technology would not cover the objectives of our customers if not accompanied by excellent services. In this way, from initial and continuous customer service, where you are informed of trade issues and techniques required, Strong Forms offers training in the use of formwork equipment to its proper use and achieving better finishes and commissioning service work, with which our technicians displaced to the project site provide advice, supervise and control its development, providing a great experience to a better conclusion.

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