Aluminium Formwork

Providing technology to building

STRONGFORM is a high ­quality aluminium formwork system to quickly build concrete structures such as single family homes, flats, walls, platforms, pillars, swimming pools and other constructions made from concrete, in which not only speed of action is possible, but also accuracy and security, using assembly tools in the process. In this way, STRONGFORM is an extremely useful building equipment to use in large constructions having into account the characteristics it possesses and the time it economizes.

Our equipment is used for vertical as well as horizontal constructions in which section remains constant or almost constant, reusing the same formwork as the building grows in height or extension, providing space for scaffolding and machinery. Similarly, STRONGFORM equipment can be reused so many times in different constructions.

Management by Trust
The architecture of the future involves the application of this system STRONGFORM.
Roberto Pérez Guerras, Roberto Pérez-Guerras Architects
The STRONGFORM system ensures, from the proyect, an important formal, economic and work execution control.
Ignacio Belenguer Zamit, IBZa architecture